The ANTIQUE DISIGN studio run by Macin Żygadło has been operating in Żmigród since 1995. Since the beginning of its existence, our main goal has been to provide the highest quality services in the field of antique restoration. We started work with participation in many trainings in Germany. Then was the time for a small home workshop. Over the years, both new customers and employees have been coming. Currently, our studio has about 200 m2, where 10 people work. True enthusiasts, sophisticated furniture and modern machine park – a place that combines the art of past eras with modernity.

Furniture renovation

Renovation of antiques is a fascinating journey in time, but also a huge responsibility for a monument, which is an expression of artistry of craftsmen from previous eras and for the expectations of customers who bring their souvenirs to the studio. Therefore, we only use techniques used in the period of creation of a particular item - with respect for tradition and master’s profession. We approach each project individually and with great precision, accuracy and respect for history.


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