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Renovation is refreshing, renewing. It ensures further survival of antiques and the possibility of passing them along to future generations in the best possible condition, without contamination and significant reshaping. Renovation treatments are aimed at recreating fragments of the object that have been destroyed as a result of natural factors (e.g. moisture) and the passage of time. Only in this form, antiques are elements of cultural heritage, as carriers with a documentary value characteristic of a particular historical period.

The renovation process requires knowledge of traditional carpentry and varnishing techniques, huge patience and professional tools and products dedicated to the refinement of renovated objects. Which furniture to have renovated professionally? The answer is simple. All items that are objectively of high value, as well as those with sentimental value. The renovator will not only renovate antique furniture, but also, at the client’s special request, remodel or renew an old piece of furniture or a boring armchair. The fact is that you have to reckon with often higher costs than when buying a new counterpart, but the colossal difference lies in quality and originality. Specialists in the field of renovation put a lot of effort into their work and thanks to it we can enjoy having something special and unique.

Each renovation starts with an inventory. It is necessary to document the current technical condition, you need to diagnose the age and the estimated value of the antiquity. Then, after preliminary inspection, a detailed plan is created containing the sequence of work technologies and finally the selection of appropriate materials. During the renovation, it is very important to select the appropriate materials so that their chemical composition matches with those used centuries ago. Renovation means a number of individual activities, which include: re-painting of wooden surfaces; repairing of faulty mechanisms (e.g. locks for keys, hinges); painting of elements covered with faded or shabby paint; renewal or replacement of damaged upholstery; restoring damaged or blurred ornaments; reinforcing elements of fasteners or their complete replacement (e.g. pins, nails). Therefore, we only use techniques used in the period of creation of a particular item - with respect for tradition and master’s profession. Precision and accuracy are also significant.

Renovation of furniture is becoming more and more popular, the clients’ awareness of the beautiful interiors is much bigger than a few years ago. Renovation is also a very good investment. It can bring financial benefits, gives the interior a fresh look for many, many years and allows you to take care of family mementos. Sometimes, just a few treatments, and the antiques will regain their former splendour, thanks to which they will bring a lot of profits to their owner.


Investing in antiques

Questions and answers about investing in antiques, buying works of art with the prospect of their advantageous resale after years or in a specific time horizon.

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