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All over the world, antiques are perceived as luxury goods and give an unlimited opportunity to invest money. Some treat old things as a hobby or see original craftsmanship and diligence. Others, however, simply feel proud to have objects with the soul. Nevertheless, antiques are not only the decoration of our homes, but also an excellent investment. And it is one that does not lose its expiration date, and with the passage of time, like wine, it becomes better and more expensive.

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The value of antiques is not only reflected in their historicity. The price also depends on the more or less known creator, date of creation, or the type of materials used in production. And if an interesting story is connected with the particular antique, its value will definitely increase. Antiques are both painting and handicraft: furniture, porcelain, silver, glass, bronzes, clocks, fabrics, etc. There are no price limits per category on the market.

The game on the antique market consists in the ability to recognize an item of collector’s value and purchase it at a good price. The key is to learn about the mechanisms of the specificity of this market. You should be able to evaluate and price out the item. This knowledge is of an expert nature and is gained only in practice. You have to walk, ask, collect opinions, check, that is to accumulate practical knowledge. There is no other way to effectively operate on the antiques market.

When it comes to investing in this type of capital, we can distinguish two ways. The first is a short-term investment, when we occasionally buy items with the intention of quick resale, even with a small profit. The other way is long-term investment, when we buy items for a longer time, creating collections and knowing that in a few years their value will increase significantly.

An important issue is also confirmation of the authenticity of the antiquity. We will receive a certificate of authenticity, for example, in a renowned antique shop or auction house, where all objects are assessed by experts - also with us every piece of furniture has its own documented history.

Another relevant thing when investing in antiques is the uniqueness of the item. Unique specimens give a much bigger advantage as regards the resale price and the number of potential buyers. Not without significance is the origin and history of the object, the name of the creator, the period of creation, the technique applied, or the material used. The role of the object also plays a role, the state of preservation being also very important. The utility item, as the name suggests, has been used in the past, so a lot of antiques have damage. The greater the damage, the lower the value.

The time that we give to the antiquity so that it ”earns” for itself is also important. Until recently it was said that it should be at least a five-year perspective, preferably a 10-year perspective. Now, the retirement horizon is increasingly being pointed out. Of course, a person who has a lot of knowledge and experience can fish out opportunities from the market and try to act more dynamically. The antique market is full of bargains, you can buy something for a few hundred zlotys and sell for a few thousand. When buying an antique one should also take into account the purchase and transport transaction costs, which usually lie with the buyer. In our workshop, customers can count on professional and free transport of antiques throughout the country.

People have always surrounded themselves with objects that hide beauty. Things that had a sentimental value for them or were simply valuable were passed down from generation to generation. Many people shyly look at old items as something that you can earn on. However, it is true that if we are patient, inquisitive and we can trust our instincts, there is no better investment. In addition, the purchase of antiques can be not only an investment but also an idea for a profitable business if we have free space for storage.

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