The ANTIQUE DISIGN studio offers the sale of antiques and a wide range of professional services in the field of their renovation, preservation of antique items, and renovation and alteration of old furniture.

The studio’s offer includes:


  • Any carpentry repairs (gluing broken table tops, repairing cracked panels in doors, straightening warped surfaces, repairing and making drawer slides, removing damages caused by door mechanisms, flaps, storage compartments, gluing loose chairs and tables, and many more).
  • French polishing (an extremely time-consuming method, requiring a lot of experience and “a sure hand”, and thus giving the antiques an extremely noble appearance. It brings out and beautifully highlights the drawing of wood on old objects.)
  • Upholstery (carrying out the maintenance of the furniture frame, replenishing or replacing the fillings of the old seats while maintaining the original fashion using traditional methods, covering the seats with new upholstery while maintaining the original style of furniture, or adapted to contemporary interior design)
  • Completion of cavities and reconstruction of damaged elements (all necessary reconstructions and additions: inserts in veneered furniture, making turned and carved elements, filling holes in the made by zophobas morio and others)
  • Inlaying and encrusting (renovation of inlaid or wooden furniture, decorated with fanciful decorations arranged from other types of wood), as well as inlaid, or decorated with mother-of-pearl, bone, metal or stones)
  • Refreshing and repair of fittings and locks (at the client’s request, the fittings are left in the original condition, with the preservation of a noble patina, or cleaned. There is a possibility of galvanic gilding of fittings again. In the case of lost fittings of old furniture, new castings are made on the basis of the preserved elements)
  • Veneering (when veneer damage is irreversible, it is possible to reveneer the most damaged fragments of the furniture)
  • Oiling (Furniture finished with oil is protected from external factors and has a satin, smooth to the touch surface. At the same time, the oil beautifully brings out and emphasizes the rich grain pattern in wood)
  • Waxing (wax penetrates the pores of the wood, creates a water-resistant surface, and after polishing it gives a delicate, satin gloss subtler than polish)
  • Redesign and painting furniture (metamorphosis of furniture from the design, through implementation)
  • Copies of antique furniture
  • Mirror renovation, repair of marble countertops, clockwork mechanisms
  • Drawing up professional conservation documentation from the course of the renovation
  • Consulting in the field of furniture and interior design
  • Assistance in organizing the transport of antiques from and to the customer


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